OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

1. Discussion with Clients on Commissioned Projects

We understand clients' needs and project orientations to provide relevant information and professional recommendations based on clients' requirements.

2. Preliminary Estimation and Product Confirmation

The Yan Nuo Team consults with Dr. Chao according to clients' requirements with integral evaluation of various relevant specializations and technical aspects in order to provide a reasonable rough estimate for clients' budgeting reference.

3. Sample Production/ Stability Test(Proofing 3 times)

Based on clients' requirements, the development team and Dr. Chao draft a basic guideline and produce sample products that do not harm the skin, and then provide clients with a production proposal for testing and verification.

4. Product Verification

We confirm whether the initial sample product meets clients' requirements, or if there should be any further modification. After clients confirm their satisfaction, a stability test will be conducted on the product and packaging.

5. Confirm Estimate of Production

We verify that the sample product meets clients' requirements and manufacturing approaches, provide a reasonably calculated quote, and confirm the proposal with clients.

6. Product Production & Packaging

We confirm clients' orders and requirements, the manufacturing location, and schedule production operation.

7. Product Testing & Quality Control

We perform random inspection and archival of sample products and inspect changes in their quality during shelf life for analysis and research of future inspection.

8. Delivery
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