Founder / Dr. Chao Chao-Ming

Current Position

・Director, Chao Chao-Ming, Dermatology Clinic
・Chairman, Chinese Society of Cosmetology and Hair Health Education
・Executive, Dr. Zhao Zhaomin, Cosmetics
・Cosmetics General Manager, Yan Nuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


General skin diseases, acne, allergies, hair loss, skin care, medical cosmetology, medical light therapy, micro-plastic surgery, weight loss


Tri-Service General Hospital Director of the Department of Dermatology, Tri-Service General Hospital Deputy Director of the Cosmetic and Laser Center, Graduated from the National Defense Medical Center Department of Medicine, R.O.C. Physician, R.O.C. Dermatologist, R.O.C. Specialized Physician of Occupational Disease, Occupational Disease Physician of the R.O.C. Department of Health, Tri-Service General Hospital Department of Dermatology Resident Physician, Chief Physician, Attending Physician, R.O.C. Ministry of Education Lecturer, Attending Physician, Excellent Military Medical Officer


・七彩光療 (麥田出版)
・進階面膜達人 (文化)
・青春不痘留 (旗林文化)
・增髮健髮66招 (東佑出版社)
・皮膚疾病自療百科 (東佑出版社)

Consulting Physician

Interviewee physician for major media, news, programs, broadcasts, newspapers and magazines, etc. in the country.
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